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Water systems and wool-growing

The Australian wool industry is committed to continuous improvement in water management and has invested in research to develop and extend better and more effective ways to manage water resources on wool-growing farms.

Maintaining healthy water systems

Healthy water systems are crucial to the Australian environment, sustaining many different plant and animal communities, agricultural enterprises and rural communities.

The Woolmark Company provides valuable resources and supports industry initiatives dedicated to effective water management practices on wool-growing properties.


Farm management practices that support water systems

Management practices undertaken by Australian woolgrowers that effectively protect and regenerate waterways and riparian areas include:

The benefits of restoring the health of waterways are numerous and include reduced erosion, increased water quality, ground cover, improved creek bank stability, weed management, increased biodiversity, effective shelter for livestock and reduced salinity.


Wool is biodegradable

When wool is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of months or years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.
14 8 2018


14 8 2018

Wool is not an allergen

Science shows wool is not an allergen, with superfine Merino wool textiles and clothes not causing any itch and may benefit eczema management.