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The joy of knitting

Photography: Courtesy of Spencer Vladimir
Illustration: Barry Allen Batenaude

Knitting is an incredibly practical skill that perfectly lends itself to creating gifts that truly come from the heart. The ability to create something unique and from scratch offers a very real sense of satisfaction that even the most brand-loving consumer can’t deny. But one of the most common reasons that a whole new generation of people are picking up the needles are the therapeutic benefits that the craft provides.

Art as therapy

In today’s world, we spend more of our time online and plugged in than many of us may realise, whether it be working, playing, shopping or even communicating.  In comparison, knitting demands a focus on the here and now. It’s a creative, calming form of mindfulness that is easily incorporated into daily life. Knitting’s repetitive yet focused rhythm offers a meditative break from the hustle and bustle. Knitting can easily be carried wherever you go and enjoyed on trains, buses or even lunch breaks.

Intimate and handmade

Another reason that knitting has found a space in today’s world is that it offers a chance to produce items that are intimate and unique. Handmade crafts have had an enormous comeback as more people push back against mass production. Creating something yourself – no matter what skill level you might be at – comes with all the unique quirks and charm that only something hand-made has. But knitting offers an opportunity to take part in the slow movement but do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Eco-friendly hobbies

Merino wool is 100% renewable and natural. Gifts – whether they are hats, sweaters, scarves or decorative design – made from Merino are completely biodegradable. Plus, with more people than ever becoming sensitive to man-made fibres and the presence of other allergens, garments and gifts knitted using Merino wool are a welcome respite amongst a sea of synthetics.

But the ultimately, knitting’s joy comes from providing a sense of accomplishment. As a traditional craft, knitting offers a practical, creative outlet that can be easily picked up by anyone. Facebook groups, YouTube tutorials and websites (plus endless books) abound that can help you get started on a whole new world of woolly wonder.

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