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On The Slopes

[Photo top] Credit: Zargon Design. 

A winter holiday skiing is always something to look forward to, but being properly prepared is as important as making sure that that there is a heavy fall at the same time. While the average person thinks choosing thicker, heavier clothing is the best option to stay warm, smart layering using base layers is how the experts do it.


Base layering offers a lighter, more comfortable form of protecting the body against the cold. Thermal insulation helps build a barrier of warm air against the body, while protecting it from the heavier outer garments at the same time.

A natural fibre is best

The best fibre to choose when picking a base layer for a weekend on the slopes is definitely Merino wool. The natural insulation will not only keep you warm, but will also help to regulate body temperature as you work up a sweat coming down the mountain.

Merino wool has a high breathability, which helps to prevent overheating. Ultrafine Merino wool is also one of the softest fibres available, offering optimum comfort while preventing irritation from heavier garments. And while it will need washing occasionally, a Merino wool garment has a high level of odour resistance, and it won’t require heavy soaking like synthetics.

The right styles

Most people prefer an all-in-one style of base layer when spending time in the snow. This is in part because it offers a seamless barrier against the cold but there is also a more fun, slightly novel element to them as well.

Separates – a long sleeve top teamed with long pants – can also be a comfortable and convenient choice when it comes to base layers for skiing. These not only accommodate for body shapes but also allow slightly more mobility. These are relatively lightweight, so can easily accommodate extra layers such as mid-weight varieties should you be more sensitive to the cold.

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